Chiquita Canyon Community Relief Program

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is this about?
2. What is mitigation?
3. Who is funding this?
4. What neighborhoods qualify for funding?
5. Do I have to own the affected property to apply?
6. What is provided to affected residents?
7. Do I give up my right to take legal action on my own by applying for this program?
8. If I do not want to be included in this program, do I have to exclude myself?
9. Is this the same as the Utility Relief Program?
10. What are the effects of landfill gases? Is the air safe?
11. What is the impact of using flares- do they mitigate odor or have environmental consequences?
12. How do I get an air purifier or filter?
13. What type of air purifiers are available?
14. How do I qualify for more than one air purifier?
15. How do I qualify/apply for payment?
16. What documents do I need to submit with my application?
17. I don’t want to give my SSN, can I still apply?
18. When do I need to apply?
19. I have already applied. How do I receive next month's payment?
20. Can I submit an application to qualify for a past month's payment?
21. Will I be reimbursed 100% for everything I claim?
22. Does relocating have any effect on the payment amount my household will receive?
23. Can the program help organize my relocation?
24. When will I get a payment?
25. Can/does everyone in the house fill out an Application Form?
26. I filled out an Application Form but have not been paid.

This website is authorized by Chiquita Canyon, LLC and the Chiquita Canyon Community Relief Program, and controlled by the Chiquita Canyon Landfill Community Relief Administrator. This is the only authorized website for this Program.

The Community Relief Program is meant to compensate community members for claimed damages or injury suffered from any odors or fumes emanating from the Chiquita Landfill, including but not limited to adverse health effects (past, current, or future), impact(s) on use, enjoyment, and/or value of property, impact(s) on daily activities, and/or any other personal injuries or property damage community members may claim to have suffered. However, submission of the application form and receipt of compensation does not constitute a release of any legal claims the applicant may have against Chiquita Canyon, LLC or any related entities and does not constitute a waiver of any additional damages to which the applicant may be entitled.

For more information please,

Call: (833) 425-8787

Mail: Chiquita Landfill Community Relief

c/o Chiquita Canyon Landfill Community Relief Administrator
PO Box 225391
New York, NY 10150-5391