Chiquita Canyon Community Relief Program

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Chiquita Canyon Landfill is experiencing an elevated temperature landfill (ETLF) event or reaction deep underground in an older, inactive portion of the Landfill. This ETLF event has caused an increase in the production of landfill gas and liquids at the Landfill, and an increase in corresponding odors.  The current data and evaluation by experts, including an independent health risk evaluation conducted at the direction of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, show that there are no anticipated long-term health impacts from these odors.  However, the study by the Department of Public Health states, and Chiquita recognizes, that odors may cause short-term health impacts or otherwise affect the quality of life. For a copy of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health study please click here.


This Community Relief Program is different and in addition to Los Angeles County’s Landfill Utility Relief Program. Chiquita previously released $3.5 million in funding to Los Angeles County to be used to fund environmental, educational, and quality life programs, or to fund regional public facilities that serve the Val Verde, Castaic, and other unincorporated areas of the County surrounding the Landfill. Los Angeles County used $2.5 million of those funds to establish the Chiquita Canyon Landfill Utility Relief Program. That Utility Relief Program is accepting applications through March 31, 2024. For more information about the Utility Relief Program please click here. Unlike Los Angeles County’s Utility Relief Program, this Community Relief Program is run by Chiquita. You can apply for funding from both programs if you qualify.


Chiquita is now opening its own Community Relief Program designed to assist the Landfill’s neighbors by providing funding for the following expenses associated with odor mitigation:

Temporary relocation

Home hardening

Increased utility bills

In order to obtain funding through the community relief program, you must register and obtain a Unique Household ID. You can register your household here. After registering, you may apply online by clicking here. After your first month’s application, you must recertify your household every month to be eligible for that month’s relief payment.


The application asks basic demographic questions including name, address, and the number of people in the residence, in order to determine the appropriate amount of funding. The application will require proof of residence. However, you will not need to submit receipts or proof of expenses in order to qualify for funding. At this time, funding will be available on a monthly basis. You will need to certify each month that the basic facts on your application have not changed and provide updated proof of residence.


Funding is currently available for residents of the neighborhoods identified in the below map, which includes the neighborhoods of Val Verde, Live Oak, Hasley Hills, Hillcrest Parkway, Hasley Canyon, and Stevenson Ranch. The scope of the program is under continuous evaluation. If you believe you are impacted, but do not live in an area identified on this map, please fill out the application. If the scope of the funding changes at a later date, your application will be considered then.  

On the application, you may indicate whether you are interested in receiving an air filtration device. Receipt of such device will not impact the total amount of funding you are provided. The device being offered is the Vollara Air & Surface Pro, which does not require replacement filters.


This website is authorized by Chiquita Canyon, LLC and the Chiquita Canyon Community Relief Program, and controlled by the Chiquita Canyon Landfill Community Relief Administrator. This is the only authorized website for this Program.

The Community Relief Program is meant to compensate community members for claimed damages or injury suffered from any odors or fumes emanating from the Chiquita Landfill, including but not limited to adverse health effects (past, current, or future), impact(s) on use, enjoyment, and/or value of property, impact(s) on daily activities, and/or any other personal injuries or property damage community members may claim to have suffered. However, submission of the application form and receipt of compensation does not constitute a release of any legal claims the applicant may have against Chiquita Canyon, LLC or any related entities and does not constitute a waiver of any additional damages to which the applicant may be entitled.

For more information please,

Call: (833) 425-8787

Mail: Chiquita Landfill Community Relief

c/o Chiquita Canyon Landfill Community Relief Administrator
PO Box 225391
New York, NY 10150-5391